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Louie on Snow Mountain

Louie at Black Rock Garden

 Once upon a time, there was a dog named Louie. He was the sane one.
His master, on the other hand, was something else: he was always
dancing with the moon! Moonlit nights were his favorite nights
for dancing. There was never a reason not to dance with the moon.

Inside out his master would turn,
round and round he'd shimmy -
up and down he'd bop to the song
that played in the big green country
inside his moon-faced head.

 Louie's master was quite insane.

"The bottom line is," he would tell Louie,
"is that if you can't dance with the moon,
 then why get out of bed."

 So on those full moon nights, with its white light so bright,
Louie would follow his master to the grove behind their cottage,
and watch the moon-dance in beautiful perfect consideration:
Louie thought that his master could not have asked for a better
dancing partner.

Louie's incredible adventure:  Moon Magic